Canada Goose Designs
Joanne Winn
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Your purchase of the design or pattern
permits you to stitch it out for personal, gift
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Jacobean Elegance Quilt is a  nine block
embroidery machine appliqué quilt.
Designs can be purchased individually.  
Each block has step by step instructions
to stitch the design.  Fabric yardage
requirements as well as individual block
fabric requirements are included with
each block.

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Jacobean Elegance Appliqué Quilt
Welcome to my website.  All designs on this website were designed and digitized by Joanne Winn using
Bernina Artista V4, V5, V6 and Software 7.  Most home embroidery formats are available.  
Designs are
delivered by email attachment.
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Starting in January 2014 I will be teaching for the Academy of Quilting.  Check out the website.  There are a lot
of great teachers and classes.  I have listed the dates for my classes below by the class description and photos.

There are complimentary designs for you to download at the bottom of some of the design pages on this
Jacobean Elegance finished quilt.  All
designs and quilting designs are
original designs digitized by Joanne
Quilted by Shirley Stutz
Photograph courtesy of Marilyn Karper
Teacher Ribbon in Kansas City May 2011
1st Place Computer Guided Large Quilt at
QwM 2011
Teacher Ribbon at QwM 2011
Double Stitched Feather
Quilting Designs
Machine Embroidery
Single Stitched
Quilting Designs
Digitized Quilting
Academy of Quilting Classes
taught by Joanne Winn
This class teaches students how to use their embroidery machine to
quilt.  Students will piece a simple block quilt with wide borders to
show off the multihooped feather border quilting designs.  Feather
designs are also in both sizes of the triangles in the quilt.  All designs
from the close up photo below are included in the class.  This is not a
beginner class and is geared toward the intermediate to advanced
embroiderer and quilter.  
All images and graphics on this site are protected under
International Copyright Laws.
Any reproduction without permission is prohibited.
© Joanne M. Winn 1989-2014
All rights reserved.
Class starts September 19, 2014
This class will teach you how to add new digitizing to an existing
design,digitize a wreath design, add applique to an embroidery
design, combine designs, digitize large multihooped designs,
manually digitize the design on the left, add placement lines to
designs, manually split designs for multihooping, discuss how to
stitch out the large designs.
Students should be able to find their way around their software and
have digitized simple designs.
Beyond Basic Digitizing
Class starts August 8, 2014
Beginning Machine Embroidery
Beginning Machine Embroidery
Beginning Machine Embroidery
Beginning Machine Embroidery
Beginning Machine Embroidery
This beginners class is for students who own or plan to
own a home sewing machine with an embroidery
module.  Some of the topics covered in this class are:
exploring your machine, stitching out designs that came
with your machine, setting up and organizing folders to
save embroidery designs, downloading designs from
the internet, resizing and converting designs, placement
of designs and much more.  The following photo is the
project design used to learn placement of a design.
Class starts on
Embroidered Appliqué
Embroidered Applique teaches students how to use their home embroidery machines to applique.  Students
start by stitching a small design using step by step photos and text.  The designs for each lesson get more
complicated.  Mega Hoop and Jumbo Hoop designs and instruction is also included in the lessons.  Designs
included in this class are:  Spring Tulips, Dresden Plate, Aster and Sweet Sixteen.  Lesson Four has the
instructions to design your own quilt using the blocks you stitched in this class.
Embroidery on Patchwork
In this class students explore two different methods of using machine embroidery to make a tablerunner.  
Method One in the photo below is stitched using a home embroidery machine.  All embroidery designs are
supplied to the students in this class.
The tablerunner below is stitched on a home sewing machine
using the fancy stitches that come with your sewing machine.  
The motifs are purchased and stitched onto the fabric.
This tablerunner was stitched on my home embroidery machine
and has a crazy patch border.  The technique is covered in this
Class starts June 20, 2014
Class starts July 11, 2014

This class is all about digitizing quilting designs with
Bernina Artista Version 6 and 7 software.  The class starts
with learning how you can use the Corel files included with
the software to digitize quilting designs.  The progression
of the digitizing takes you from drawing your own designs,
scanning into the computer and finally to drawing beautiful
feather borders.
Class starts on October 24, 2014
Feathers and Flowers
Curls and Flowers Border/Sashing Embroidery/Applique Design
This design can be used for a border design or a
sashing design.
Mega or Jumbo Hoop
W - 295.4 mm OR 11.7 inches
H - 112.9 mm OR 4.5 inches

The Design is also offered for multihooping using a
145mm x 255mm Hoop
This is the corner for the design.
The stitching is approximately 6 inches Square
The set of two designs are $10.00 U.S.
Format Required