Canada Goose Designs
Joanne Winn
These large feather borders and corner feather quilting designs are digitized for the new Jumbo and Mega Hoops and as
split designs for the 145mm x 255mm hoops.  They are digitized as double stitched continuous outline quilting designs
with no jump stitches.  Borders are sold in several sizes individually and also as a set.  Check your hoop size carefully.  
The design sizes are listed below each design.  

Please fill in the format required for your machine at check out in the Format Required box.  Please make sure that my
email address is in your address book so that I can send you the designs.

A mini tutorial on how to stitch feather quilting designs is available on our
Tips and Techniques page.
Actual stitch out
Actual stitch Out  
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Border Feather Quilting Designs
Design Sizes

Jumbo Hoops
372.7mm High x 162.5mm Wide  $15.00 U. S.                 Mega Hoop $15.00 U. S.                                      145mm x 255mm Hoop
304.9mm High x 146.4mm Wide                                       150mm x 450mm Hoops             $15.00 U.S.     Border 1 Right - 203.2mm High x 139.8mm Wide
                                                                                                                                                              Border 1 Left - 207.7 mm High x 140.2mm Wide

Set of all three sizes   $40.00 U. S.
Designs are offered for the Jumbo, Mega and 145mm x 255mm Hoops in three sizes for each hoop.

Jumbo Hoops - Bernina 830 - 1 hooping
All other Jumbo Hoops can use either the whole Jumbo Hoop design and let your machine split the designs for you or
buy the split Mega Hoop files - 2 hoopings.  Make sure that you choose either the Jumbo OR the Mega hoop designs.
145mm x 255mm Hoops - 3 hoopings

Design Sizes in this orientation measurements
Large - 336.75mm High x 245.41mm Wide  (approximately13 1/2" x 10")     
Medium - 320.06mm High x 233.29mm Wide (approximately 13" x 9 1/2")
Small - 303.22mm High x 221.01mm Wide (Approximately 12" x 9")

Jumbo Hoop Designs                                           Mega Hoop Designs                           145mm x 255mm Hoop                              
$15.00 U.S.                                                             $15.00 U.S.                                            $15.00  U,S.

Buy all three hoop sizes.  This will include the designs in three sizes for each - Jumbo Hoop, Mega Hoop and 145mm x
255mm hoops.                           
$40.00 U.S
Format Required
Format Required
Format Required
Format Required
Format Required
Format Required
Format Required
Format Required
QSD1                                   Set of 3 sizes  $15.00
Actual Stitchout
Design Sizes

Design 1 L       247.6mm High x 121.4mm Wide
Design 1 M      222.8mm High x 109.2mm Wide
Design 1 S      198.1mm High x 97.1mm Wide
Border Design in three sizes.

Mega Hoop  290.60 x 139.45 mm

Jumbo Hoops
302.97 x 157.46 mm
340.99 x 177.14 mm
Format Required
QSD3                                                     Set of 3 sizes   $15.00
Design Sizes

Design 3  Left and Right  
140.18mm x 133.14

Design 3 Left and Right Medium
127.42mm x 120.82mm

Design 3 Left and Right Small
100.75mm x 95.24mm

Design 3 Border

Jumbo Hoop 327.9mm High x 175.2mm Wide
Mega Hoop 262.5mm High x 140.2mm Wide

145mm x 255mm Hoop
187.8mm High x 100.8mm Wide
Rotated design to use as a Border
Format Required
Double Stitched Feather
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