Embroidered Crazy Wedding Ring

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Crazy Wedding Ring was originally designed as a regular quilt
pattern by Joanne Winn.  The quilt was constructed by manually
making the Crazy Patch on your sewing machine and then cutting
the Wedding Ring (Melon) shapes from the Crazy Patch and
appliquéing them to a whole cloth background.
***See the Quilt Pattern page on this website.

This is a new concept where the melon shaped Wedding Ring is
stitched completely in the hoop of a home embroidery machine on a
whole cloth background.  There is no piecing in this pattern other
than borders, if applicable, and can be made in any size.

10 melon shaped designs are available as a set.  The Small Crewel
Wedding Ring Set for

Please check to make sure that your machine will stitch a design
that is 4.05" wide by 9" high.

There are several Instruction Sheets (PDF files) with suggestions
on how to use these designs to make a  Tablerunner, Tabletopper
or Quilt - they would also look lovely on matching sheets and
pillowcases and clothing.  The choice is yours.

NEW!!  Digitized Quilting Designs that can be used with the
Embroidered Crazy Wedding Ring.

I hope that you enjoy making these as much as I did digitizing and
stitching mine.
Click here to see photos of stitchouts.
Quilted Table Topper/Wall Quilt is 26" x 26"
When you purchase the set of ten Embroidered
Crazy Wedding Ring Designs for $45.95  the
approximately 30 individual small crewel designs
that are in the melon shaped pieces are also
included individually.

Pattern included with photos to illustrate Step by
Step Instructions.
Each Wedding Ring shape is  4.05" wide  X  9" high
Complete set of 10 Embroidered Crazy Wedding designs plus the 25+ individual
Small Crewel Designs by email attachment for  $45.00 in the format for your
embroidery machine.  Click on the Add to Cart button and fill in the format
required for your machine.
Individual Small Crewel Designs
These 25+ individual designs are included individually with the Embroidered Crazy Wedding Ring
Set  by email attachment.
Simply Crewel Wedding Ring
Click on the link to see this simplified version of Embroidered Crazy Wedding Ring.
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H 4.93"                     H 1.74"                         H 1.46"                            H 2.82"                             H 5.01"                          H  1.85"            
W 2.08"                    W 2.48"                        W 1.47"                           W 2.84"                            W 3.00"                          W 1.90"            
H  2.85"                         H 2.93"                         H 3.00"                           H 2.61"                                  H 3.64"                    H 2.16"  
W 1.34"                         W 1.96"                        W 2.47"                          W 3.31"                                 W 3.19"                   W 0.83"
H 1.06"                          H 2.81"                 H 1.69"                   H 2.41"                                 H 1.35"                              H 2.26"
W 1.93"                         W 2.08"                W 0.65"                  W 2.53"                                W 1.35"                             W 2.49"  
H 2.13"                  H 2.22"                    H 2.84"                            H 2.99"                              H 0.71"                             H 1.93"     
W 1.52"                 W 1.32"                   W 2.01"                           W 2.98"                             W 0.56"                            W 1.45"  
Click on your format to download a
free sample from the Small Crewel
H 1.19"
W 1.82"
H 1.87"
W 1.67"   

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