Tutorial for stitching a Quilting Embroidery Design

The feather quilting designs that I have digitized are for the home
embroidery machine.  The following steps will show you with text and
photos how to do that.  You will be stitching these designs on the three
layer sandwich of your quilt. (top, batting, backing)  Do not use pins to
baste the quilt.  I prefer to use a 'press to baste' batting so that I do not
have to worry about anything in the stitching area of the hoop.

Download the designs to your computer.

1.  Send the design to your machine.

2.  Hoop a piece of Wash Away stabilizer (I prefer Floriani Wet N Gone)
in your appropriate size hoop.  Mark the center of the hoop on the
stabilizer with the template that came with your embroidery machine.

Template in the hoop                        Center Lines Marked on Stabilizer

3.  Mark your quilt where you want to place the design.  This would
usually be a center point of the area that is to be quilted.

4.  Pin the quilt to the stabilizer, making sure that the center of the hoop
lines up with the center point of the area that this quilt design is going
to be stitched on your quilt.  Place several pins outside of the stitching
area to hold the quilt in place.  

5.  Stitch the design.  Check to make sure that the center of the design
lines up with the center of the hoop.  If not, then use your edit function
to move the design to line up with the center of the hoop.

6.  Remove the hoop from the machine and trim away the excess wash
away stabilizer on the back of the quilt.  Be careful not to clip the quilt.  
When you have your quilting and binding finished, wash your quilt and
the wash away stabilizer will disappear.

Tip:  I hate to waste any of the wash away stabilizer so I keep the larger
pieces that you cut away and stitch them together with wash away

© Joanne M. Winn  March 9, 2007