Curved Binding Your Quilt
Canada Goose Designs
Joanne Winn
A bias binding must be used on any quilt that has any
curved edges.  

· Cut bias binding 2” to 2 1/2” wide, depending on the finished width that you like to use.
This will finish about 3/8”. Add the measurements of all four sides of the quilt and add about
12" - that will give you an idea of how many inches of binding that you will need.
· Bias is cut diagonally from corner to corner on any size square. Join strips together end to
end on the diagonal. Press seams open.
· Leave a 6” tail unstitched at the beginning of your stitching, with the end cut off straight.
· Use binding single thickness and stitch onto the right side of your quilt with a 1/4” seam.
· Start stitching with raw edges even towards the end of one of the long edges of your quilt.
· Do not stretch when you are stitching around the curves. Lay the binding out on a curve
and stitch on a curve.  Do not try to straighten it out. There has to be enough fabric to lay out
and cover the outer edges that are larger than where your stitching line is – keep the raw
edges even. If this is new to you check that the binding will turn over to the back and lay flat
before continuing.
· When you are about 8” from where you started stitching - remove the quilt from the
machine. Lay the binding out flat, with the starting piece on the bottom and the ending piece
on the top. Peek underneath to see where the starting edge is - measure whatever the
width of your binding is past this end.
E.g. if you cut your binding 2” wide - then the top piece of binding would be cut 2” past the
bottom starting edge.
· Place the two ends at right angles and stitch diagonally from corner to corner.  Pin first to
make sure that you have the right angle. Trim seam to 1/4th inch.  Finger press open
· Stitch the part of the binding/quilt that was left unstitched.
· Fold binding in half and then in half again towards the back of the piece.
· Hand stitch the binding along the folded edge close to the stitching line.

That’s it! Enjoy.

c Joanne Winn June 15, 1996 Revised 11/04
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