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Dresden Puzzle          Set of three sizes
Design Sizes

This design is double stitched.

252.3mm High x 246.1mm Wide

180.2mm High x 175.8mm Wide

144.14mm High x 140.61mm Wide

I digitized this design with the
center design a different color in
the color chart so that you can
stitch in two colors or omit the
center design and just stitch the
Design Sizes

67.47mm High x 67.33mm Wide
84.39mm x 84.15mm Wide
118.15mm High x 117.87mm Wide
$15.00 U.S.
Format Required
DS Jacobean Elegance Border Quilting Design
Double Stitched Cones Quilting Design

Design Sizes

145 x 255 mm Hoop    139.8 x 129.7 mm
2 Hoopings                 140.1 x 128.3 mm

Mega Hoop     250.0 x 146.8 mm

The crosshatching in the background is NOT included in the design.

This design is FREE when you have purchased all nine Jacobean Appliqué Quilt Designs.
$15.00 U.S.
Format Required
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