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Machine Embroidery Designs
Trumpet Flower

14,175 Stitches
5.77" H
5.26" W

$5.00 USD
Format Required
Feathers and Scrolls

9,693 Stitches

5.39" H
5.51" W

Format Required

23,316 Stitches

6.49" H
5.14" W
Please check to make sure that the designs will fit
in the hoops for your machine.

Fill in the format for your machine in the Format
Required box at checkout.
Plaid Flowers

Actual Stitchout

15,926 Stitches

6.19" H
3.89" W

3.89" H
3.09" W
Plaid Flowers
$10.00 for the set of three
Format Required
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Double Stitched Feather
Quilting Designs
Machine Embroidery
Single Stitched
Quilting Designs
This design can be used for a border design or a sashing
Mega or Jumbo Hoop
W - 295.4 mm OR 11.7 inches
H - 112.9 mm OR 4.5 inches

The Design is also offered for multihooping using a
145mm x 255mm Hoop
This is the corner for the design.
The stitching is approximately 6 inches
The set of two designs are $10.00 U.S.
Format Required
Curls and Flowers Border/Sashing Embroidery/Applique Design