Canada Goose Designs
Joanne Winn
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Design Set Four          $15.00

These designs were digitized to fit in the centers and borders of
the Embroidered Crazy Wedding Ring (photo below) and
Embroidered Simply Crewel Wedding Ring quilt designs.  They
also work very well for squares and triangles for any quilt design.

These original Feather Quilting Designs were digitized by Joanne
Winn to use on your home embroidery machine.  A tutorial on how
to use these quilting designs on your embroidery machine is on
the Tips and Techniques page.  These designs are double stitched
so that there are no jump stitches.  All designs are delivered by
email attachment.  These designs are offered as a set in most
home embroidery machine formats.  Please be sure to select the
format for your machine from the drop down menu.  

Large Designs        Medium Designs        
5.25" X 5.25"            5.00" X 5.00"    

Designs are delivered by email attachment.           

Feather Quilting Designs by Embroidery Machine
Design Set Four
Embroidered Crazy Wedding Ring
5.25" X 5.25"
5.00" X 5.00"
6.19" H
3.74" W
7.42" H
3.88" W
6.02" H X 3.91" W
7.53" H X 4.89" W
Format Required
Double Stitched Feather
Quilting Designs
Machine Embroidery
Single Stitched
Quilting Designs