Canada Goose Designs
Joanne Winn
Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus Vest Front
Hibiscus Vest Back
The feather designs wrap around the flower in
each corner of this block with a lace fill square
on point in the center.
Quilted Hibiscus Flower
in one size

7.1" High x 5.5" Wide

Close up of the quilted
vest front.  This is quilted
on the background fabric
with no appliqué fabric.

$10.00 U.S.
Quilt Block Design with Hibiscus Feather
Quilting Designs

Quilt Block is 20" x 20"

There are many different layouts that
you could use for these designs.
This design has separate flower
petals in two sizes.
7.2" High x 5.6" Wide
6.8" High x 5.3" Wide

Appliqué Hibiscus Flower Quick
with the whole flower in one piece.
Same sizes as above.

Both Hibiscus Appliqué and
Hibiscus Quick
small designs fit
into the center of the Hibiscus
Feather Quilting Designs.

Hibiscus Appliqué Flower Design
in two sizes
Hibiscus Quick Appliqué in two
sizes for

$15.00 U.S.
A commercial vest pattern was used for this

This feather quilting design for your home
embroidery machine is designed to wrap around the
Hibiscus flowers.  You can use it for quilt blocks and
vest or jacket backs, etc.  This is a double stitched
embroidery machine quilting design with no jump

The Feather Quilting design stitches out in:

- three hoopings in a 145mm x 255mm hoop
- two hoopings in the Viking and Pfaff Jumbo Hoop     
- one hooping in the Bernina Jumbo Hoop

Hibiscus Feather Quilting Design is in one size.  The
whole design is  9.72" Wide x 12.21" High when it is
rotated to fit in the hoop.

Placement lines are colored gray in the design files
and should be stitched with water soluble thread.

$15.00 U.S.
© Joanne M. Winn 1989-2015
All Rights Reserved
Hibiscus Appliqué Flower
Purchase the complete set of all Hibiscus Flower
Designs, Hibiscus Flower Quilting design and the
Hibiscus Feather Quilting Designs for

$35.00 U.S.
Hibiscus Feather Quilting Design
Quilted Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus Whole Feather Quilting Design
Photos of a vest using the Hibiscus Appliqué and Hibiscus Quilting Designs
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Double Stitched Feather
Quilting Designs
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