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ALL QUILT PATTERNS include a picture, fabrics and notions supply list, detailed instructions with
illustrations, template sheets (where they are used), paper foundation masters where they are needed
and an appropriate binding sheet.  Patterns are sent by PDF email attachments only.  You can get a
free download for Adobe Acrobat Reader at their website.
Angels and Four

This original pattern for a wall
quilt (21" square) and
tablerunner (17"  X  42") is
easy to piece and instructions
are included for machine
appliqué.  Wonderful for your
Christmas decorating and
quick enough to give as a gift.  
Angel collectors will love it all
year round.
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21"  X  55"
This original pattern is a
combination of Log
Cabin type blocks and
machine appliqué.  
Instructions for regular
binding as well as
pillowcase style edges
are included.
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Christmas Appliqué
 15"  X  42"     

This original Christmas tablerunner has
instructions for machine appliqué but could
also be done by hand.  Included in the pattern
are templates for the Christmas version and
also regular leaves that could change the look
to compliment your home decor.
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Aunt Jerusha

Quick piecing techniques
and machine appliqué
bring this old Yankee
design up to date in the
21st century.  Wonderful
Scrap quilt!  Crib, Lap,
Twin, Double/Queen
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Morning Glory

This wonderful scrap quilt is
not a beginner quilt but is
much easier to piece with new
accurate methods of machine
piecing or it can also be hand
pieced.  Templates provided
for both.  Also known as Jack's
Chain and Rosalia Flower
Crib and Double/Queen
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Rose Dream

This quilt is constructed using
templates and curved piecing,
and uses a
dot to dot method
that makes it easy and fun to
sew. This is also a wonderful
contemporary quilt using a
positive/negative effect with
two fabrics.
Crib, Lap, Twin, Double/Queen
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Tangled Cobwebs

This is an old pattern that looks
wonderful using  scrap fabrics,
but was traditionally done in
red and white or green and
white.  This is my updated
version on how to stitch it with
or without Paper Foundation
Piecing.  Paper Foundation
Piecing MUST be used for the
sashing.   I have included the
paper piecing masters for the
whole pattern.
Instructions are for Wall, Lap
and Queen size
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Dusty Cobwebs

This is a sister quilt -
Dusty Cobwebs.  
Several years ago
when I was designing
this pattern I tried
some variations.
I decided on Tangled Cobwebs for the pattern but had made
a wallhanging of one of the variations.  Customers and
students who saw the variation wanted the pattern for "that"
quilt and others wanted the original so I decided to have both
available.  They are exactly the same except for the sashing.
Paper Foundation Piecing MUST be used for the sashing.  
have included the paper piecing masters for the whole
Instructions are for Wall, Lap and Queen size
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Crazy Wedding Ring

This original quilt really does use
scraps.  It is extremely easy to make
(no block piecing) and you get to use
all those wonderful fancy stitches
and/or embroideries that came with
your machine.  You can also do as
much embellishment as you like.   A
whole cloth background and machine
appliqué are used in this quilt.

Crib, Lap and Double/Queen
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Double Wedding Ring
Paper Foundation Piecing
Double Wedding Ring is one of
the most traditional of all quilt
patterns.  It is certainly not the
easiest to construct.  One of the
of the fastest, and most accurate
methods of construction - Paper
Foundation Piecing is included
with this pattern
Wall, Lap, Twin, Queen
$6.00       Email PDF
Includes Arc Drawing to
print for Paper Piecing
Diamond Wedding Ring
You may have noticed that I really
like quilt designs that are going in
circles.  This quilt can be made
using only four fabrics or it can be
made with a scappy look in batiks
for a very contemporary look.  
Templates and Dot to Dot
construction are used for this quilt.  

Crib, Lap, Queen
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Queen's Lace
Queen's Lace is an original
quilt pattern based on the
Dogwood Pattern.  The
pattern includes a master for
printing your foundation

Wall, Queen Size
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Includes Arc Drawing
to print for Paper
NEW Pattern!
Christmas (or not) Miniature Quilt
Designed by Joanne M. Winn        

This quilt pattern includes 18 paper piecing designs so that
you could make it a Christmas Miniature quilt (RED) or
stitch it in your favorite colors (GREEN).  The Quilt
measures approximately
14 1/2"  x  14 1/2"

Each block is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" finished size.
Photo Step by Step instructions on Paper Piecing included.
$15.00 U.S.
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